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Are you the Game Changer we're looking for?

Education Week will be a game changer

Excursions to the moon, teleporting between classes, face recognition roll call or a school without bell times or walls – the school of the future is only limited by your imagination. That is the message from the organisers of an... Read more

Merewether High Joins Return and Earn

Thanks to our P and C, Merewether High School has become a nominated "Location Partner" in the Return and Earn recycling scheme. This allows individuals returning recycling items at the Newcastle Hockey Centre to... Read more

ELEVATE Education Parent Seminar

Merewether High has a strong and supportive relationship with ELEVATE education who have been providing our students with study skills and advice on maximising performance for a number of years. Each year, students from Year 10,... Read more

Merewether High School is an academically selective high school. We have a tradition of education excellence and an impressive history of outstanding academic and sporting results.